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“Na Quinta do Boi”: Regulating the Beef Value Chain

The 5th “Na Quinta do Boi” session of Imaflora’s Beef on Track programme held on July 29 was attended by guests to discuss the topic Regulating the Beef Value Chain: the criteria from the Brazilian and international demand side. Hosted by James Allen, Olab's CEO, it was attended by Elena Antoni from Trade Hub, attorney Rafael Rocha from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Amazonas, Peter Herman May from CPDA/UFRRJ, attorney Ricardo Negrini from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Pará, and Pedro Amaral from Mars.

Cattle Suppliers Series Episode 6: Indirect Suppliers: How to move forward in creating solutions?

This video offers instruments and proposals on how to overcome the challenge of deforestation by engaging direct and indirect suppliers. "By monitoring direct suppliers, you have a coverage of approximately 42% of deforestation, and when you include the indirect ones, this goes to 92% of deforestation coverage", explained Pedro Burnier, manager of the Agricultural Chains Program of Amigos da Terra.

Cattle Suppliers Series Episode 5: Indirect Suppliers: How to move forward in chain traceability?

The video directly addresses the monitoring program for suppliers and indirect suppliers in the livestock chain and issues related to transparency. "Ten years after the (meat TAC) commitments were signed, it is hard to say that the beef did not come from a deforested area. Even for a direct supplier.” This was the opening statement of the speech made by Ana Paula Valdiones, coordinator of the Environmental Transparency Program of the Centro de Vida Institute (ICV).

Cattle Suppliers Series Episode 4: Cattle Ranching on Indigenous Land: How to tackle land regularisation?

The fourth episode focuses on the legal impossibility of regulating indigenous land. Land conflicts in indigenous territories have increased in recent years as has the vulnerability of these peoples. The video talks about the importance of monitoring and control mechanisms to block the purchase of cattle from overlapping areas. Ana Paula Valdiones, coordinator of the Environmental Transparency Program of the Centro de Vida Institute (ICV) opens the video with the help of others, such as Erich Masson, prosecutor of the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office in Mato Grosso.

Cattle Suppliers Series Episode 3: Cattle Ranching in Protected Areas: how to tackle land regularisation?

The third episode talks about how to address this issue in protected areas and the governance needed to come up with solutions. The opening statements are made by Fernando Sampaio, executive director of the State Committee for the PCI/MT Strategy with the participation of Raoni Rajão, professor and researcher at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).

Cattle Suppliers Series Episode 2: Regularising and Unblocking Properties: Tools used in the sector

The second episode of the series shows the tools available to help cattle farms in the Amazon, that have been embargoed or have environmental issues, to be reinserted into the market. The video introduces the mechanisms implemented by the Pará and Mato Grosso state governments to help producers understand what their pending issues are in relation to environmental and social regularisation and helps them come up with a regularisation plan. With this, the producer can return to selling cattle while carrying on with the regularisation actions, with benefits for the entire livestock chain and for environmental conservation.

Cattle Suppliers Series Episode 1: Regularising and Unblocking properties: how to reintroduce the producer into the system?

Is it possible to regularise a rural property that has been blocked due to illegal deforestation or other irregularities and reinsert it into the productive chain? This is the topic of the first episode of the Cattle Chain Suppliers in the Amazon series of Imaflora's Beef on Track Program. The video offers rural producers guidance about where to start and what mechanisms are needed to regularise an embargoed property and also shows the restrictions that apply to this market reinsertion.

Cattle Suppliers Series - Vignette

Do you know who supplies the cattle for the beef chain in the Amazon? This series of six videos from Imaflora's Beef on Track Program describes the challenges involved in improving the monitoring of properties and the means needed to reintroduce blocked cattle producers into the system.

Challenges and opportunities involved with monitoring cattle suppliers in the Amazon region

The program of live sessions of Beef on Track, organised by Imaflora, brings together several speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities involved with monitoring cattle suppliers in the Amazon region. In order to bolster the discussions, the Beef on Track Program put together a video compilation of the highlights of the live sessions that took place from June to July 2020. These sessions focus on the Unified Livestock Protocol developed with basis on a long process that began in 2009.

4th Live "Na Quinta do Boi"

Watch the debate with the participation of Daniella Bueno (Acrimat), Mauro Lucio (Producer from Pará) and Téia Fava (Rural Entrepreneur of Mato Grosso), about the implications and challenges of the Monitoring Protocol for rural producers (10th of September 2020).

Learn more about Beef on Track

Learn more about Beef on Track Project, a transparency platform responsible beef supply, which serves as a hub of information that links producers, meatpackers, retailers, tanneries and investors, in addition to being a source of data for civil society.

3rd Live "Na Quinta do Boi"

Watch the debate about the importance of market actions in the implementation of cattle agreements in the Amazon, with the participation of Rafael da Silva Rocha (Public Prosecutor's Office - MPF/Amazonas), Adriana Charoux (Greenpeace) and Lucio Vicente (Carrefour) (16th of July 2020).

2nd Live "Na Quinta do Boi"

Watch the debate about the challenges to accomplish the cattle agreements in the Amazon with the participation of Francisco Beduschi Neto (NWF), Raphael Masson (Public Prosecutor's Office - MPF/Mato Grosso) and Taciano Custódio (Minerva Foods) (25th of June 2020).

1st Live "Na Quinta do Boi"

Watch the debate about the Monitoring Protocol, the perspectives and expected impacts on its implementation with the participation of Daniel Azeredo (Public Prosecutor's Office - MPF), Jordan Carvalho (Niceplanet) and Márcio Nappo (JBS Brazil) (4th of June 2020).

Webinar: Monitoring Protocol for Cattle Suppliers in the Amazon

Watch the webinar: Monitoring Protocol for Cattle Suppliers in the Amazon (16th of April 2020)