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6th Meeting on Responsible Supply Chains


Cecília Korber, Imaflora's consultant for Climate and Agricultural Chain projects, will present the Beef on Track Program to the attendees of the  6th Meeting on Responsible Supply Chains which will take place online from June 28 to 30, 2021. Cecília is co-coordinator of the Beef on Track and Soy on Track programs and also represents Imaflora in the Soy Moratorium Assessment Committee.
The main purpose of the presentation will be to address transparency in the chain and the role of the Beef on Track program in engaging beef processors and retailers. Korber will also address the Protocol for Monitoring and Auditing Cattle Suppliers in the Amazon, the Audit Protocol for Livestock Commitments in the Amazon and the Guide for Retailers to Develop an Effective Beef Procurement Policy. In addition, she will present Imaflora itself, address the context of deforestation and the history of beef agreements.

The 6th Meeting on Responsible Supply Chains will also discuss topics related to socio-environmental risk management and how companies have maintained the sustainability processes throughout their operations, including the supply chain. The meeting is expected to be attended by leaders of management systems in companies, as well as those responsible for several areas, including risks, sustainability, governance, environment, occupational health and safety, corporate social responsibility, sustainable procurement and supplies.

A few of the attendees who have confirmed are Mauricio Baraldi Margutti, command and risk centre at Itaú Unibanco, Marnie Bammert, technical and assurance director at Responsible Steel, Pedro Amaral, senior sustainability manager at Mars, Horacio Martino, sustainability manager, and Adriana Grossi, food safety and environment leader, both from Tetra Pak Argentina, Julio Mendonça, SGI manager at Ampacet South America, Michelle Oliveira, corporate relationship from Votorantim Institute, Tammy Monteiro, senior analyst of supplier development from Hydro, Fabíola Silvério Lima, compliance manager from Lojas Renner, and Diego Cavichioli, auditor and Latam head at Supplylabs.

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