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Beef on Track presents the first version of its Beef Purchasing Guide for Retailers


The retail operation and the presentation of the first version of the beef purchasing guide for retailers and of the monitoring protocol for retailers were the highlights of the meeting between beef companies and retailers - JBS, Marfrig, Minerva, Big, Carrefour, GPA - and Imaflora held on April 12 to further the agenda of the Beef on Track Program. 

They discussed the 2021 work plan for the Retail sector within the Beef on Track Program based on the key areas of standardization, engagement and transparency.
The focus was on the creation of documents to support the retail sector in monitoring a deforestation-free beef chain, kicked off with the production of the first version of the Set-up Guide for the Retail Beef Purchasing Policy presented to the participants for validation. They also addressed the Protocol for Monitoring Beef Suppliers of the Retail Sector, aimed at providing support for the engagement of key retailers.

The meeting was attended by: Big’s senior director of communication and sustainability Paula Pedrão, senior manager of sustainability, diversity and inclusion Monique Cardoso, and sustainability analyst Felipe Silva; Carrefour’s sustainability manager Marie Tarrisse; GPA’s sustainability manager Sarah Antoine; Marfrig's sustainability analyst Fabrício Zanuto and senior sustainable livestock analyst Andrey Barbosa; Minerva’s corporate sustainability supervisor Daiane Garcia; JBS’ sustainability director Márcio Nappo, and sustainability coordinator Alexandre Kavati, and Imaflora’s sustainability consultant Cecilia Korber.


Beef on Track Team