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Rural magazine: How does technology help in low-carbon cattle ranching?


In a partnership with Embrapa, Marfrig launched a line of carbon neutral beef, a beef that leaves a zero carbon balance in the production process. Carbon Neutral Beef (Carne Carbono Neutro - CCN) is a cattle certification created by Embrapa in forest-grazing integration systems (livestock-forestry) or Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forestry systems (Integração Lavoura - Pecuária - Floresta - ILPF). 

The article in Rural magazine also highlights a study carried out by Imaflora in Mato Grosso, which showed that the use of sustainable management techniques in cattle production, with feed supplementation, recovery of degraded pastures, increase in the number of heads per hectare and reduction of the fattening cycle, can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost 90%.

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