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The differences between the commitments of the beef chain


The transition to more responsible beef production in the Amazon requires the full implementation of the commitments assumed in 2009 by several sectors.


There are two commitments in effect:  the Terms of Adjustment of Conduct (TAC) signed by the meatpackers with the Public Prosecutor's Office (MPF) and the so-called Public Livestock Commitment, proposed by Greenpeace and entered into by the three leading beef companies (JBS, Marfrig and Minerva) also in 2009. TACs are extrajudicial agreements mediated by the MPF and the Public Livestock Commitment is a voluntary commitment aimed at zero deforestation.


The TACs aim to establish conditions and criteria for the purchase of cattle in the Amazon. The companies are jointly and severally committed to preventing the cattle of producers involved in environmental, land and social irregularities from being sold. The Public Commitment is very similar to the TAC (see Table 1); however, it includes the criterion of zero deforestation since it states that no deforestation can occur after 2009.


Table 1 - Similarities and differences in the commitments in effect in the Amazon


Legend: X = does not address

               Y = addresses

CriteriaTerms of Adjustment of Conduct for the state of Pará (TAC Pará)Terms of Adjustment of Conduct for the Amazon (TAC Amazon)Public Commitment
Cut-off date01/08/200822/07/200805/10/2009
Zero deforestationXX 
Illegal deforestationYYY
Overlap with Indigenous LandsYYY
Overlap with Conservation UnitsYYY
Ibama's environmental embargoYYY
State environmental embargo (list)X X
List of slave-like labourYYY
Changes to the limits of CARXXX
Rural Environmental License (LAR)YYY

To learn more and understand how these criteria should be monitored, please visit the Information page and read the Cattle Supplier Monitoring Protocol.

Beef on Track Team