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Videos show the challenges involved in monitoring the livestock chain


Imaflora is launching a series of six videos with proposals on how to improve the monitoring of properties that produce and supply cattle to beef companies and how to reinsert the producers into the system. Two videos will be made available every fifteen days. 
The main beef companies operating in the Amazon have a commitment to monitor their direct cattle suppliers, which are the fattening farms before the animal is slaughtered. However, indirect suppliers, i.e. the farms where the calves are born and bred, are also part of this production chain. Improving and extending monitoring is essential towards ensuring that beef is not being sourced from illegally deforested areas.

The videos cover the regulating and unblocking of properties, the monitoring tools used by each sector, cattle-farming in conservation units and indigenous lands, indirect suppliers and traceability in the chain and, lastly, solutions for monitoring the entire production chain.


The first two videos that will be aired are:


Episode 1: Regularising and Unblocking properties: how to reintroduce the producer into the system?

Episode 2: Regularising and Unblocking Properties: Tools used in the sector

The series features interviews with many representatives of the players engaged in this process: Fernando Sampaio, executive director of the State Committee of the PCI/MT Strategy, Vasco Picchi, director of new business at Safe Trace, Rubens Sampaio, municipal secretary of environment of Marabá (PA), Ana Paula Valdiones, coordinator of the Environmental Transparency Program of the Centro de Vida Centre (ICV), Erich Masson, prosecutor of the Federal Public Prosecution Office in Mato Grosso, Bruno Andrade, director of operations of theMato Grosso Beef Institute (Imac), Maurício Fraga Filho, president of Acripará, Mauro Lúcio Costa, vice-president of Acripará, Raoni Rajão, professor and researcher of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Josafá Dutra, family agriculture producer, Márcio Nappo, Sustainability director of JBS, Susy Yoshimura, Sustainability and Compliance director of GPA/Assaí, and Pedro Burnier, manager of the Agricultural Chains Program of Friends of the Earth.

Beef on Track Team