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The Beef on Track Program is a joint effort to strengthen the social and environmental commitments of the beef value chain in the Amazon and drive its implementation. 


This blog is one of the tools that will help increase the transparency of results by providing relevant up-to-date information.

We seek to work together to bring you news about issues related to the Beef on Track Programm, as well as about the results and actions of its partners and the sector. Our aim is to make it easier to access quality information. 


Feel free to suggest topics, share the articles in your social networks and disseminate our actions and content so developments in the control practices of the supply chain of the beef industry and the retail sector operating in the Amazon biome can be implemented.

Beef on Track supports a beef chain free of deforestation and other socio-environmental irregularities and is an online platform that offers a large amount of information and data. Like the project, the blog encourages active cooperation and the commitment of all players towards finding solutions by opening a line of dialogue between the sectors and civil society.

Imaflora develops the Beef on Track Programm and the digital platform in collaboration with several players in the production chain, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and public authorities.

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Beef on Track Team