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Workshop offers training for meatpackers about the Audit Protocol for Cattle Commitments in the Amazon


The capacity-building workshop regarding the Audit Protocol of the Cattle Commitments in the Amazon took place on Tuesday (26/Oct) in Marabá (PA). Organized by the Beef on Track Program, a partnership between the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Imaflora, the event laid out the guidelines and procedures for the verification of the Term of Adjustment of Conduct (TAC) for Beef. The meeting was attended by 10 representatives from the following companies: Masterboi, JBS, Durlicouros, Frigorífico Rio Maria and Frigorífico Valência.


"We at Masterboi are enthusiastic about maintaining and continuing the protocol to ensure our direct supply chain is compliant. We have contributed since the beginning and we have recently achieved, in the Pará audit, 100% compliance in our chain", stated Igor Silva, Compliance Officer at Masterboi.


Silva added that Masterboi's intention is to continue operating correctly and have more and more suppliers with these initiatives. "We want public and other entities, such as Imaflora, to be able to rely on us so that we can continue changing the market," he said.


The next capacity-building workshop for meatpackers will take place on October 29 in Santarém (PA) at the Sandis Mirante Hotel.

Address: Rua Cel. Joaquim Braga, 180, Centro, Santarém (PA).

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