By May 9, 2023

Imaflora participates in an event with Minister Carlos Fávaro at the opening.

The Wilson Center operation is in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center

Imaflora is one of the guests at the event Solutions for Sustainable Food Systems in Brazil. Held by the Wilson’s Center Brazil Institute, in partnership with ABIEC (Brazilian Association of Meat Exporting Industries) today (May 9), in Washington D.C., United States.

Organized in the parallel program to the AIM for Climate Summit (Agricultural Innovation Mission for Climate), the meeting gathers leaders of the public and private sectors, members of the American Congress and social organizations. The objective is to facilitate dialogue on challenges and opportunities in building sustainable food systems in Brazil and identify innovative solutions that already exist or can be implemented in the country’s agricultural sector.

The opening session will feature Carlos Fávaro, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Bruna Santos, Wilson’s Center Brazil Institute director, and Antônio Jorge Camardelli, president of ABIEC.

In the panel debate, leaders in agriculture and cattle-raising that create, implement and disseminate best practices for sustainable production and do not aggravate the climate crisis will discuss ways to replicate these models in other countries.

The programme will address topics such as:

  • Smart agriculture concerning sustainable supply chains;
  • Technological innovations in food production, processing and distribution;
  • Public-private partnerships to promote sustainable food systems.

The idea is that participants also take the opportunity to promote new partnerships and collaborative environments that contribute to the formation of policies and practices that ensure more productive and sustainable agriculture.

Imaflora and Beef on Track: Brazilian agriculture and cattle raising is on the table

Lisandro Inakake, agronomist and senior coordinator of the Beef on Track program, will represent Imaflora at this debate.

The agronomist highlights that this is the first time that Institute participates in a conference like this. “The program will discuss the role of civil society in this agenda, and it is a great opportunity to present how Imaflora and Boi na Linha have been acting against deforestation and mitigation of social and environmental damages”, he said.

In his speech, the coordinator will present Imaflora and the Amazon Cattle Supplier Monitoring Protocol.

“I will explain a little about the unified and harmonized monitoring and criteria to prevent overlapping and deforestation, initiatives already adopted by companies that have undertaken the commitments proposed by Beef on Track”.

Lisandro will also tell how different stakeholders contribute to the program’s objectives and show concepts and tools used in Brazil to comply with legal requirements, such as the Cattle Breeding TAC (Conduct Adjustment Agreement), CAR (Rural Environmental Registry), LAR (Environmental Regularization License) and GTA (Animal Transit Guide). The coordinator will also demonstrate additional criteria already adopted by companies to seek zero deforestation.

For Lisandro, “the main objective of the meeting is to demonstrate the capacity of Beef on Track to promote legality and stimulate a revolution in the sector, also ensuring transparency for the whole society”.

Opening Remarks

  • Carlos Fávaro, Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Brazil
  • Bruna Santos, Director, Brazil Institute, Wilson Center
  • Antônio Jorge Camardelli, President, ABIEC

Panel Conversation

  • Gilberto Tomazoni, Global CEO, JBS
  • Pelerson Penido, President, Roncador Group
  • Lisandro Inakake, Senior Coordinator of Imaflora and Beef on Track
  • Daniel Azeredo, Federal Prosecution Service of the State of Pará

Moderator: Holly Gibbs, Professor, UW-Madison